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The Riviera of Zambia

Siavonga is known as the Riviera of Zambia - a phrase coined by Steve Thompson of Eagles Rest Resort.  In common with the French Riviera, or Côte d'Azur, Siavonga also has 133 sunny days per year - in fact Siavonga probably has nearly three times that amount of sunny days per year!

riviera of Zambia

Lake Kariba memories ...

Memories made at the lake last a lifetime.


Live Love Lake

I'd rather stay and work than go to the lake ... said no one ever! canoeing02

Kariba Dam Wall

WELCOME to Eagles Rest - the holiday destination of choice.

 A visit to Siavonga is not complete without a visit to the Dam Wall.


the spill gates are only opened when the Lake levels are high
and the view presented to visitors is normally without spilling water.


despite not spilling water, the wall itself is an impressive piece of engineering.


construction of the wall began in 1957 and was completed in 1960


 two spill gates open as viewed from the Zambian side.


from the Dam Wall the river makes it's way through the Kariba gorge.

Visiting the Dam Wall is easy - all you need is some form of identification.

Drive to the Immigration and Customs area at the border post and obtain a gate pass.
then drive down the border road to the Dam Wall car park.
take a walk along the wall and enjoy the magnificent structure and impressive views.